De Hoofden

Five top architectural firms in Amsterdam joined forces to form De Hoofden, a collective geared towards community housing. De Hoofden has designed and developed two casco loft projects in Amsterdam’s Houthaven and is a partner in a Superlofts project in the Houthaven. The lofts in the Houthaven have proven to be a great succes and sold out completely. De Hoofden will remain active as a consultancy firm in community housing.


Marc Koehler Architects (MKA) is one of the participating architectural firms of De Hoofden. MKA has evolved the Superlofts concept, a revolutionary new living concept, wherein homeowners can make their dream loft a reality. The Superlofts concept realizes the wishes and needs of the buyer with a unique lifestyle for a fully customized living space.

Dreaming of your own Superloft?

Currently more Superlofts projects are being developed by MKA at different locations in Amsterdam as well as other cities. Dreaming of your own Superloft? Then register quickly at

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